Pushing Audience Segments from TransUnion to Springserve

Important Notes on Data Processing

  • When data is pushed from TransUnion - it can take upwards of 3 days before the data makes it to Springserve’s servers

  • Once data makes it to Springserve’s servers it is processed at 8pm UTC daily

    • The term “processed” applies to updating any segment, or pushing a new segment

  • A minimum lag time of 4 hours should be expected between processing data on Springserve’s servers and when clients should expect to see the data in their account

  • In summary, clients should expect data to take 1-4 days before it shows up in their account

Sharing 1st or 3rd party segments:

  1. Reach out to your TransUnion account manager and request that Springserve be added as a ‘Destination’

  2. Follow the attached instructions