Create Reports

Use Create Reports to see the performance of your tags. These reports are updated by the minute, and are broken down by the time range, intervals, dimensions, and filters you choose. The page will automatically load with the settings for a your default Report Template. 

Learn more about Create Reports here.

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If you run a very large report, SpringServe will prompt you to name your report and continue to the Downloads tab, where you will be able to download your report once it has completed. You can also click the download button next to Run Report.

Scheduled Reports

You may have a report that you like to run on a weekly or monthly basis. You can automatically run it and have it emailed to specified users.


SpringServe comes pre-loaded with supply and demand report templates which include important metrics for your supply and demand tags. You can also create your own report templates for reports that you run frequently in the UI.

Learn more about Saved Reports here.

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Account Activity 

Account activity is the homepage when you log in. It displays a number of graphs and tables that will help you to visualize your performance and financials in SpringServe to assist with optimizing in the platform.

Hover over any graph to view a snapshot of the metric values for the highlighted time interval. To navigate back to this page, click the SpringServe logo in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Learn more about Account Activity here.

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