Log Level Data


IndexField NameField Data Type

Field Description

1ymdhtimestampTimestamp of the event, in UTC, in ISO format. The character "T" serves as the separator between Date and Time parts. Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS

SpringServe account ID

3supply_tag_idintSpringServe supply tag ID
4demand_tag_idintSpringServe demand tag ID

SpringServe campaign ID

6line_item_idintCurrently not used
7creative_idintCurrently not used
8auction_idString (UUID)Unique ID identifying an auction; different events can be tied together through their auction ID
9user_idString (UUID)User's SpringServe cookie ID
10user_ipStringIP address of the user
11user_agentStringFull user-agent string of the user

SpringServe transaction type for this event

  • 1 - In-Network/Managed (no direct-connect),
    • A supply tag in your SpringServe account sold to a demand tag in your SpringServe account
  • 2 - DC-Sold
    • The initial incoming ad request was to a (non-direct-connect) supply tag in your account, and was sold (via direct-connect) to another SpringServe account.
  • 3 - DC-DC
    • Your account bought from another SpringServe account (via direct-connect) and then sold to another SpringServe account (via direct-connect)
  • 4 - DC-Bought
    • A direct-connect supply tag bought from another SpringServe account, and sold to a non-direct-connect demand tag in your account.
13countryString (max length 2)Country code (e.g. "US", "GB", "DE")

Full-page url that is declared on the incoming ad request.

15declared_domainString (max length128)Declared domain on the incoming ad request.
16detected_domainString (max length 128)Domain detected by our VPAID that the player is on.
17declared_player_sizeString (max length 7)

Declared player size. Sizes are based on width and are defined by the following boundaries:

  • <= 0 - "unknown"
  • 1 <= w <= 249 - "x-small"
  • 250 <= w <= 349 - "small"
  • 350 <= w <= 500 - "medium"
  • 501 <= w <= 799 - "large"
  • 800 <= w - "x-large"
18detected_player_sizeString (max length 7)Player size detected by our VPAID. Same boundaries as declared_player_size

Key:Values associated with the event. This field is a JSON object with String keys and String values, e.g.


Incoming ad request to a supply tag that has passed global blacklist, supply tag targeting, and pre-bid IVT filtering (if applicable)

21blocked_requestsintEvent is a request blocked by account or supply tag targeting
22PLACEHOLDERNULLPlaceholder - column will always be NULL

Our flash VPAID is loaded + initialized by the player (or parent VPAID)


Our JS VPAID is loaded + initialized by the player (or parent VPAID)

25flash_impressionsintImpression served (flash VPAID)
26js_impressionsintImpression served (JS VPAID)

Error our flash VPAID fires before closing. Common causes include:

  • No impressions serve in the waterfall
  • Player or parent VPAID times our VPAID out

Error our JS VPAID fires before closing. Common causes include:

  • No impressions serve in the waterfall
  • Player or parent VPAID times our VPAID out
29clicksintVideo ad is clicked on by user
30costnumeric(16,10)Media cost the SpringServe account pays the supply partner (for this event)
31revenuenumeric(16,10)Revenue the SpringServe account is paid by the demand partner (for this event)
32third_party_feesnumeric(16,10)Any third party fees for the demand partner (for this event)

Measures how long our VPAID was on the page before being timed out by the player.

Note: this is only recorded for the supply_timeouts event. Some players may erase our IFRAME from the page before timing us out, in which case a supply timeout cannot be recorded.

34player_startsintEvent is fired when the video player on the page starts up (via a SpringServe pixel placed in the HTML player code that is fired when the player is initialized)
35first_quartileintVideo ad has played through 1/4 of its duration.
36second_quartileintVideo ad has played through 1/2 of its duration.

Video ad has played through 3/4 of its duration.

38fourth_quartileintVideo ad has played through its entire duration.
39missed_opportunitiesintA usable request that we cannot attempt to fill, due to all demand in the waterfall failing targeting
40supply_timeoutsintPlayer or parent VPAID times out our VPAID
41supply_response_timebigintThe amount of time it took for our VPAID to fill an impression on the supply tag
42ad_requestsint(Demand-side event) Fired any time our VPAID requests a demand tag's VAST endpoint URL
43has_adsint(Demand-side event) VAST endpoint URL responds with a non-empty VAST response

(Demand-side event) Indicates the VPAID received a non-empty VAST response / media file back from VAST endpoint URL, and initiated it

45errorsint(Demand-side event) Indicates an error occurred with the demand tag. Most common case is due to the demand not filling or our VPAID timing out the demand tag
46opportunity_response_timebigint(Demand-side metric) Amount of time it takes for the demand tag to fill an impression. This is the time between an ad_request event and an impression event.
47opportunity_timeoutsint(Demand-side event) When our VPAID times out a demand tag for taking too long to find an ad
48device_id_hashedString (max 40)User device identifier for Mobile and Connected TV's, stored hashed for privacy compliance 
49pc_user_idString (max 128)
50bidder_requestsintCount of bid requests made to a PC bidder(s)
52postal_codeString (max 16)
53stateString (max 7)
54CityString (max 64)
55startsintVideo ad started
56app_nameString (Max 256)App name as it is sent from the supply request
57app_bundleString (Max 256)App bundle as it is sent in the supply request
58nodeString (Max 64)
59bidsintCount of bids returned by a PC bidder(s)
60bidder_winsintCount of winning bids returned by a PC bidder(s)
61ap_slots_countintCount of ad slots available in an ad pod. Determined by the UI settings or the POD_AD_SLOTS macro
62ap_slots_opportunityintCount of available ads in the VAST request
63ap_slots_seconds_availableint(Pod Avail Time) Sum of seconds available in an ad pod. Determined by the UI settings or the POD_MAX_DUR macro
64ap_slots_opportunity_secondsint(Pod Opp Time) Sum of opportunities in seconds 
65ap_slots_seconds_filledint(Pod Fill Time) Sum of impressions in seconds served
66ad_secondsintSum of seconds of ads that returned a non-empty VAST in demand tags
67supply_router_idintSpringServe router ID
68event_typeString (Max 128)
69fallback_parent_supply_tag_idintSupply tag ID that did not fill, resulting in a request to its fallback tag in a router
70router_usable_requestsintSum of incoming ad request to a router that have passed global blacklist, supply partner and router targeting, and pre-bid IVT filtering (if applicable)
71router_missed_opportunitiesintSum of router requests for which no supply tag was eligible to be requested
72routed_missed_requestsintSum of supply tag requests that were missed in a router due to supply tag targeting
73ap_ad_secondsintSum of seconds of ads that were requested in a supply tag
74ap_demand_opportunity_secondsintThe Sum of seconds that the Demand tag had an opportunity
76spotx_campaign_idString (Max 38)
82adomainString (Max 128)