Global Frequency Cap Pixels

Global Frequency Cap Pixels are built to allow advertisers to manage their frequency cap rules across their Linear TV and digital campaigns. If an advertiser rolls out a new TV ad, it might purchase OTT inventory on both Linear and OTT channels. To reach the viewer, those ads will travel through entirely different pipes with absolutely no communication with each other. By using the Global Frequency Cap Pixels in SpringServe the advertiser could connect the two pipes for purposes of frequency capping.

Generating a Global Fcap Pixel

  • To Generate a Global Fcap Pixel click on thebutton to add a name and optional description to your pixel in the basic settings.
  • Select the Pixel Type - IP or Device ID
    • IP pixel type requires the IP address of the TV to be passed in the pixel.
    • Device ID type requires the Device ID of the Connected TV or mobile Device to be passed in the Pixel.
  • Set the optional User Expiration in Minute, Hour, or Day. These settings will be used in any tags that have the pixel selected for frequency capping. 
    • A user expiration of 2 hours, for example, will expire the users IP or Device ID 2 hours from when the last time the user last saw an ad.
    • The Maximum days we hold onto a user is 28 days.
  • Click Apply to generate an export pixel.
    • Sample IP based Fcap pixel:{{IP}}
    • Sample Device ID based Fcap pixel:{{DEVICE_ID}}
  • Use the  button to copy the pixel to be placed in either a third party app, the third party event pixels of your supply or demand object, or you could perform a POST to an endpoint to track your own stats. Speak to your account manager about how you plan to implement the feature.

Applying a Global Frequency Cap

Global Frequency Caps could be applied to Supply/Demand Partners, Routers, Supply/Demand Tags or Campaigns via the Targeting Tab. The Frequency Capping Targeting section is collapsed by default.

    • Open the Frequency Capping section and click on the  button to create a set of Frequency Cap rules.  
    • Select the Frequency Cap Type - Platform or Global
      • Platform uses Springserves frequency capping logic 
      • Global uses the pixel for frequency capping logic
        • To be able to use a combination of both, select Global and place the pixel into the 3rd party pixels of your chosen objects.
    • Set the User count and select the Pixel that you want to use from the drop down. It is important to know that the Per Period expiration time will be imported from the pixel settings and cannot be changed.