Pushing Audience Segments from Liveramp to Springserve


Important Notes on Data Processing

  • When data is pushed from Liveramp - it can take upwards of 3 days before the data makes it to Springserve’s servers

  • Once data makes it to Springserve’s servers it is processed at 8pm UTC daily

    • The term “processed” applies to updating any segment, or pushing a new segment

  • A minimum lag time of 4 hours should be expected between processing data on Springserve’s servers and when clients should expect to see the data in their account

  • In summary, clients should expect data to take 1-4 days before it shows up in their account


Sharing 1st party segments:

  1. Follow instructions described by Liveramp here: https://docs.liveramp.com/connect/en/distribute-custom-segments-to-data-buyers.html

  2. Be sure to use the ‘Onboarding’ tile for 1PD, not the ‘Marketplace’ tile

Sharing 3rd party segments:

  1. Reach out to your Springserve representative and complete contractual addendum before proceeding

  2. Login to Liveramp https://connect.liveramp.com/

  3. On the left side, navigation pane got to Data Marketplace


3. Navigate to the “buy data” section

Here you will see all of the Segments in the Data store


4. Select the segments you want to expose in Springserve and hit the Requests segments Button


5. This pop up will appear, click on the “setup Distribution Button”



6. If it is your first time sharing data with Springserve then you will need to create the destination. 

  • To do that click on “New Destination Account” on the left navigation panel. 

  • Search for ‘SpringServe - data Marketplace and select it.

  • Put in your account ID as advertiser ID and destination Account name. 

  • This will generate an S3 bucket location to where your data will be delivered.

7. If Springserve is already a mapped destination then, search for

Springserve - Data Marketplace as the destination and click on the tile.


8. Check the segments that you want to expose and click the “Add to distribution Button”