Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting powered by our partnership with IRIS.TV allows publishers and advertisers to leverage contextual data that will deliver more relevant ads to consumers.

Implementing IRIS.TV in SpringServe

There are two ways to include IRIS.TV data in outgoing requests for ads.

SpringServe to Call the IRIS.TV Context API for the iris_id and iris_context

  • Once IRIS.TV has issued your context API credentials they will need to be added into the SpringServe UI.

  • Access Token: This value will remain the same on the account level and should therefore be added to the account features page by your SpringServe account manager. Once the access token is added to the account you will gain access to the IRIS.TV settings.

  • Navigate to Supply Partners → Settings where you will see a section named Custom Integrations. Here you will be able to add the individual Client Token and select the API param type that was provided to you by IRIS.

  • At this point, SpringServe will be equipped to call IRIS.TV's context API to collect the specific iris ID and Iris Context data for targeting.

    • Be sure to include the iris_content_id or content_id in your supply request to let SpringServe know we need to connect to the context API.

      • ex:{{CACHEBUSTER}}&ip={{IP}}&ua={{USER_AGENT}}&app_bundle={{APP_BUNDLE}}&app_name={{APP_NAME}}&did={{DEVICE_ID}}&iris_content_id=abdcgerteh44jj4


Publisher to Call the IRIS.TV Context API for the iris_id and iris_context

  • If you are already connected to IRIS.TV’s context API and have values for the iris_id and iris_context, simply pass the values through in your supply request

    • ex:{{CACHEBUSTER}}&ip={{IP}}&ua={{USER_AGENT}}&app_bundle={{APP_BUNDLE}}&app_name={{APP_NAME}}&app_store_url={{APP_STORE_URL}}&did={{DEVICE_ID}}&iris_id=iris_3abe529064600fd7&iris_context=ic_6054341,ic_1704713,ic_2627461,ic_1592380,ic_8121076

Adding IRIS.TV to your demand

Outbound URL integrations:

  • Add the following to your demand Tag. If you work with other SSP’s not listed here, please let us know and we will add them to the list:

    • SpotX: custom[iris_id][]={{IRIS_ID}}&custom[iris_context][]={{IRIS_CONTEXT}}

    • Pubmatic: dctr={{IRIS_CONTEXT}}&cntid={{IRIS_ID}}

Open RTB integrations:

  • The following Header bidders have IRIS.TV integrated into the ORTB request

    • SpotX

    • Pubmatic

    • Beachfront

    • Xandr

    • More to come…