Tiles is SpringServes solution to display advertising on connected TV devices. Tiles is supported in any environment but the solution was built with CTV in mind. In SpringServe Tile is a new format on Supply Routers and Tags, Demand Tags and Creatives that, when enabled, allows publishers and advertisers to serve static creative image assets.

Tiles is built around the Native ad format to give customers flexibility with their creatives. It is not supported by VAST or VPAID. The new endpoints to request ads are:

Responses are in the standard Native Open RTB format. Custom responses can be organized with the help of your TAM but keep in mind that they require additional development time.

*Note that SpringServe’s ad serving functionality such as targeting, waterfall management, and reporting are built into the Tiles format but as with any new feature it is important to keep an eye on behavior and report any incorrect behavior appropriately.

Setting up your Tiles Supply

The default Format for any supply tag in SpringServe is Video. Select Tile as the format to change it.

This will prompt the optional size settings that are available to define the size of your placement and match it to the corresponding demand of that size.

  • Standard: Triggers a drop down list of pre-defined sizes

  • Dynamic: The default setting. If left blank means there is no size target, otherwise creative sizes can be set in the macro sizes={{TILE_SIZES}}

  • Custom: Triggers text boxes to be filled in for specific Height and Width.

Setting up your Tiles Demand:

Demand Tags also have a Format for Tile. Select Tile to create Assets, House Ads, and Line items. Tag and Header Bidder support is unavailable until later in Q3-2022.

The Image sources for Tiles could be a file, URL, or custom code. Custom code needs to be added as HTML or JSON and will need to be uploaded as a creative in order for it to render. If you need custom code as a response be sure to work with your account manager.

The following Macros should be used in the custom code.






Supported creative image types:

  • PNG


  • GIF

  • Custom HTML

  • Custom JSON