Tag Tester

Testing SpringServe Managed Tags

From the Settings menu you can access the SpringServe Tag Tester in the UI. On this page, you have the ability to search your managed supply tags and automatically load them into a JW player. 

Once you select a supply tag, it will appear in the text box in the Settings section. If you need to test specific targeting, you can hard-code values for the macros. For example, if your supply tag has a whitelist of mydomain.com, you will want to change url={{ENCODED_URL}} to url=mydomain.com. Breadcrumbs also appear, and you can navigate to your supply objects from this page.

When you click the Test Tag button or the player, the tag will be called as it would from the supply partner. You will see the player load in the Video section of the page. 

The Events section will display if there is an Ad Error or Impression. In the case of an impression, you can see when clicks, pauses, and quartiles occur as well. For further information about Ad Errors, see VAST Error Codes.

Additional Metadata appears in the next section of the page. Here, you will see the macros which were replaced and the request to the tag.

The Full Tag Response appears in the last section, where you can see the XML. Timing, Impression, and Error information is also shown at the bottom of the page.

Testing Third Party Tags

The tag tester can also be used to test tags from other platforms. You may have a demand tag from a partner that needs troubleshooting. To test this tag, simply paste the endpoint url into the Tag to Test box.