Traffic Quality

SpringServe is committed to serving ads to consumers visiting sites with real content in a brand safe environment. Our commitment to quality protects the entire ecosystem from bad actors, wasted ad spend, and reputational risks of an ad-server used for furthering piracy, pornography, gore, fake news, and other content that negatively impacts advertisers.

Banned categories include:

  • Piracy sites (including file sharing, warez, illegal streaming sites, illegal file hosting, and sites that promote copyright infringement)
  • Pornography (any sites, or sub pages of sites devoted explicitly to pornography)
  • Gore (sites, subsites, or content that feature violence, death, blood, or mutilation)
  • Sites or pages which promote hate speech or discrimination.
  • Fake News (sites deliberately responsible for repeatedly spreading fake news for financial gain)
  • Ad Farms (including ghost sites, and sites whose sole purpose is ad revenue, without content)

CTV/OTT/VAST-Only Supply

Effective March 1, 2020, SpringServe will be mandating usage of Pre-Bid and Post-Impression services provided by our integrated partner, Protected Media, on all VAST-only inventory trafficked within our platform. This decision was based on recent industry news and reports that have highlighted the existence of suspicious activity within VAST-only environments. Please note that if you wish to continue running VAST-only inventory within the platform, the contractually agreed upon CPMs for Protected Media service will be applied. There will be an upcoming product release that will automatically enable Protected Media on designated VAST-only supply.

Programmatic Connect

Our policy is intended to maintain the integrity of the Open Market ecosystem as we continue to expand our bidder integrations that will ultimately bolster demand opportunities for SpringServe partners. In order to maintain inventory quality for clients utilizing Open Market demand in SpringServe, our policy for Programmatic Connect (PC) is as follows:

  • Inventory selling to PC is only permitted on sites that are ads.txt verified for desktop and mobile web. Any In-App or CTV/OTT inventory must be submitted for approval to the designated account manager.
  • If clients wish to run on new inventory source not previously running PC demand, clients must submit that inventory for approval to the designated account manager.
  • Post-Impression IVT Detection must be enabled for each Data Verification Partner currently enabled within SpringServe. Clients are allowed to sample all available Data Verification Partners at their own discretion, with a minimum sample rate of 20% per available partner.
  • Clients are not allowed to obfuscate the name of their publisher from which they are sourcing inventory. The actual name of the publisher must be displayed at all times.

If the standards outlined above are not maintained, SpringServe reserves the right to disable Programmatic Connect demand by supply tag, supply partner, or account-wide, within the client's SpringServe instance.


Direct Connect:

By default, supply tags with directly connected demand will use SIVT (Sophisticated Invalid Traffic) detection to monitor the inventory quality.  Supply tags will be automatically excluded from DC if they violate the following criteria:

  1. Measurable Impression Rate falls below 75%
  2. Detected SIVT Impression Rate exceeds 10%

Managed Supply:

Supply tags running managed demand require the same inventory quality thresholds as DC supply.  SpringServe provides a 24 hour remediation period before managed supply is paused.