Connected Demand

Once you have connected with your DC partner, you will their name in the DC tab of your Demand page. Here, you will see all of your existing Direct Connections, the number of Connected Demand objects that have been set up for each connection, and summary performance. 

Click on the Direct Connection name to go to your page for that connection. This brings you to the Connected Demand tab, where you will see the information for all of the currently active Connected Demand. 

In the settings tab, set your account manager for this connection as well as the default tier for any Connected Demand that you align to supply in your account. You will see the Direct Connection's set contact information for the account manager on their end. 

New Connected Demand

Connected Demand replaces Demand Tags in Direct Connect. It is not possible to create new Connected Demand in your account, rather Connected Demand appears in your account when your Direct Connection creates Connected Supply in their account. When you have new Connected Demand, a badge with the number of new Connected Demand objects appears above Demand in the menu at the top of the page. When you navigate to the DC tab of the Demand page, you will see the number of new Connected Demand per partner in the New column.

Navigate to a DC Partner and new Connected Demand is highlighted in yellow and appears at the top of the table. There are three ways to acknowledge new DC Demand so it is no longer new.

  1. On the Connected Demand tab, click the icon in the New column and the icon will disappear
  2. In the Connected Demand page, click dismiss or x out of the message at the top
  3. Align to Supply

Managing Connected Demand

On the Connected Demand tab, click on the DC demand name to see and edit the Connected Demand. In the settings tab of your Connected Demand, you can edit the Name, Status, Group, Code, and Notes. The rate is tied to the rate of the corresponding Connected Supply, which is defined by your Direct Connection. Connected Supply Name shows the name of the DC Supply in your partner's account, along with the ID. This is helpful if you need to communicate with your partner about specific DC Supply.

On the Supply Tags tab, add supply to your connected demand.Click the +Supply button and a modal will appear with your Supply, both Managed Tags and DC. Check the boxes next the Supply that you would like to add and Click Supply.

As with your Demand Tags, you can add Targeting to your Connected Demand based on Domain, Player Size, device, OS, Geo, and Budgeting. Additionally, you can apply Demand Tag Targeting, where you can create an allowlist or a blocklist of your Direct Connection's buying demand tag IDs. This feature allows you to target tags that are performing well and optimize against those which are performing poorly.

Aligning your Connected Demand to Supply in your account will immediately start sending volume to the Connected Supply in your Direct Connection's account.