Quickstats & Object Activity in Native Currencies

Once the optional feature for Multi-Currency Support has been enabled by your Account Manager, in the Supply, Demand and Direct Connection pages, you will see a drop-down for all the supported currencies in the page as shown in the screenshot below

Note that the currency selected in the top-right drop-down is the default currency selected in the account settings page when this option is enabled for your account. This drop-down will be visible across these pages in the SpringServe UI.


Default currencies are also displayed in the Quickstats Panel, Quickstats Graph and Index tables in both supply and demand pages


  • When there is object with a CPM rate in a currency that exists in the account reporting currencies, then the dropdown will change to that currency

  • For example, the account default currency is GBP, but this test supply tag was created with CPM rate in USD, the currency dropdown will be changed to USD