Account Activity in Native Currencies

Multi-Currency Setting

Multi-Currency feature can be enabled in the account settings feature tab. When enabled, USD will be the default currency. Users are then able to set default currency to any of the supported currencies we have available and this currency will be used as the default selection across all pages of SpringServe such as Account Activity and Reporting pages.

Users are also able to add up to 3 currencies to be used for Quickstats cache for foreign currencies. Default will always be included in the 3 currencies selected. Quickstats currencies are used for performance purposes such as for Quickstats graphs and index tables in Account Activity page. When the user select a currency that is one of the three Quickstats in the currency dropdown, all the graphs and tables will load much faster since all the calculations are already done in time intervals and saved in the cache. Selecting a non-quickstats currency will take longer, as all the calculations will be done on the fly and not cached.

Users are able to change the 3 Quickstats currencies if they wish to, this will cause the currently selected Quickstats cached currencies to be replaced by the new currencies, and this process of backfilling currencies calculations from past dates requires time.

Note: USD will always be cached



Account Activity

Once the optional feature for Multi-Currency Support has been enabled by your Account Manager, in the Account Activity home page, you will see a drop-down for all the supported currencies as shown in the screenshot below


None of the functionality are changed, and users are able to use the Account Activity same as before with the addition of all of the supported foreign currencies


All of the financial graphs will be reflected in the selected currency as well

For example, setting the date range to Last 7 Days in HKD, the graph will be updated accordingly with the correct currency symbol. The calculations for the metrics will be using the previous day rate at the end of the day in UTC time. As you can see in the chart above. Each day’s calculation uses the previous day’s exchange rate to convert USD to desired currency. This is applied across all the graphs and index tables on this page

Same for financial graphs specific to supply or demand tabs

Top 10 Supply and Top 10 Demand index tables gets reflected in the selected currency as well.

Similar to the previous graphs, the Revenue is calculated based one the previous day’s exchange rate to convert USD to desired currency.