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The Graph view of quickstats summaries show a visual representation of performance, financial, and quality metrics for your SpringServe objects. In each section, sunburst graph is displayed for given metrics. Sunburst graphs give you a hierarchical view of data.

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When hovering over a segment you will see a label with the metric and corresponding rate. For example, hovering over the impressions segment shows the number of impressions, the request fill, and the opportunity fill, along with their respective range comparisons. Clicking a segment in the graph allows you to drill down to that level. Click the backwards arrow button to move up a level.


Total RequestsAd Requests
Usable Requests & Total Blocked RequestsOpportunities
Opportunities & Missed OpportunitiesImpressions
Player Loads

Note that Opportunities will not appear for VPAID none activity


  • Level 1: Revenue
  • Level 2: Cost & Profit


  • Level 1: Viewability
  • Level 2: VOC
  • Level 3: AVOC