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For data providers to natively integrate 3rd party segments into the SpringServe platform we will need the following information.

Segment Taxonomy 

File type: Excel or google sheet, csv, Google Sheet

Format: The following columns should be provided in the same order if possible with no commas in the value. Commas are used as the delimiter and will skew the data. If there is no data for the un-required columns, exclude entire column.

Column HeaderFormatDescriptionRequiredExample

Alpha numeric

Can contain Underscores


The DMP's segment Identifier. To be used in reporting for consolidation
. SEG123
, and visible to the userYesSEG123
External Code


Used for Iris.TV, otherwise this value should be the same as the CodeYesintid_123
PoliticalAlphaA Yes or No indicator if the segment is considered political.NoYes
VendorAlphaThe DMP or partner name exactly how they want it to be displayed in the SpringServe platformYes
Activate by Semcasting
Tru Optik



segment_categoryAlphaThe category that the segment falls intoNoAuto - In Market
descriptionAlphaMore detailed information about the segment such as household income range, specific car type, etc.YesOnline shoppers
Travel Enthusiasts
CPMAlpha NumericThe CPM that SpringServe pays.Yes$1.00

Example format:

segment_idCodeExternal CodePoliticalPartnerVendorsegment_categorydescriptionCPM
ABC1DEF_123NoActivate by SemcastingConsumer - Arts and Crafts Stores ShoppersArts and Crafts Stores Shoppers : All$1.50
ABC2DEF_124NoActivate by SemcastingConsumer - Arts and Crafts Stores ShoppersArts and Crafts Stores Shoppers : Hobby Lobby$1.50
DEF1DEF_125NoActivate by SemcastingConsumer - Arts and Crafts Stores ShoppersArts and Crafts Stores Shoppers : Jo-Ann Stores$1.50
POL_RI_RI013DEF_126YesActivate by SemcastingState House Districts Rhode Island - RIRI013$0.90
POL_RI_RI040DEF_127YesActivate by SemcastingState House Districts Rhode Island - RIRI040$0.90
1234567812345678NoTru OptikAuto - In MarketNew Vehicle$1.50
9101112191011121NoTru OptikAuto - In MarketUsed Vehicle$1.50
3141516131415161NoTru OptikAuto - In MarketSmall/Compact$1.70
7181920271819202NoTru OptikAuto - In MarketMidsize$1.70
1222324212223242NoTru OptikAuto - In MarketPickup Truck$1.70


  • <epoch_millis> is a numeric timestamp value.

  • <operation> will be OVR (overwrite) if the contents are to replace the segment_list for each named id_value, or APP (append) if the segment_list for each named id_value is to be added to the current value (if any) you have for that id_value.

  • <id_type> will be DVC, USR, or IPA designating that the contained id_values are device_id, user_ide, or ip_address.

  • <format_version> is the version of the file format that was used, currently always 0.

  • <HHMMSS> is the human readable hour-minute-seconds of the timestamp.

  • <extra_info> is anything else (such as sequence numbering or descriptive comment) that may be appended to the name. If there is none, there will be no underscore after the <HHMMSS> value, before the “.tsv.gz”. Currently all files have a "_000" value here.

  • ".tsv" designates that it is a tab separated file.

  • ".gz" designates that it was been GZIPped.

  • All dates/times are UTC.

Segment Overlap

Unless otherwise specified SpringServe will apply standard boolean logic to determine segment overlap pricing.


Data transfer

Storage service: SpringServe could provide S3 credentials for data transfer or we could use the data provider S3 credentials. There is no strong preference.