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Routers in SpringServe allow a publisher to split inventory across multiple supply tags. Three primary use cases are as follows

  • Inventory splits: deals with OTT infrastructure providers often call for a certain split between the platform and a channel. Routers allow you to accomplish this split with ease.
  • Custom ad experiences: control custom ad experiences based on supply tag targeting, which allows you to set different waterfalls based on the user.
  • A/B testing: set equal ratios between identically targeted supply tags to see how different demand stacks compare.

Setting up a Router



To add supply tags to a router, click the +Supply button. A modal will open showing the available supply tags. In order to be eligible, a supply tag must belong to the same partner and must not already be associated to another router. 

Set Ratios

Once supply tags have been added to the router they will appear in the index table. In the Ratio column, enter an integer value. The corresponding weight will be shown in the Weight column. For example, if you set ratios of 3 and 7, the displayed weights will be 30% and 70%. The weight dictates the split between router requests.