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Note that in order for a field to be passed to a demand tag it must be implemented on the supply tab. 

TypeDemand Tag MacrosSupply tag query parameterDescriptionExample valuesNotes
General{{CACHEBUSTER}}cb=random number to prevent caching1.45E+12
General{{WIDTH}}w=player width300
General{{HEIGHT}}h=player height250
General{{DOMAIN}}url=domain of the webpage the player is
General{{URL}}url=page url passes the full page url on the demand tag.
General{{ENCODED_URL}}url=encoded page
General{{DOUBLE_ENCODED_URL}}url=double encoded page
General{{UUID}}uuid=unique user id

Player{{AUTOPLAY}}ap=1 if player set to autoplay, 0 if not0 or 1
Player{{IAB_CATEGORY}}ic=IAB Category ID of site contentIAB19
Player{{DESCRIPTION}}desc=video description

Player{{DURATION}}dur=video duration length in seconds15
Player{{SIZE}}size=size of player, for use for SpotX onlyS

Size is parsed into dimensions that are passed to Demand Tags.

Sizes will be unknown if not implemented on SpotX tags

Player{{MUTE}}mute=mute or volume

Player{{AD_POSITION}}ad_pos=position of ad

Player{{MAXIMUM_DURATION}}max_dur=maximum duration

Player{{MINIMUM_DURATION}}min_dur=minimum duration

Mobile{{DNT}}dnt=do not track0 or 1
Mobile{{IP}}ip=user ip address52.52.52.52
Mobile{{USER_AGENT}}ua=user agent stringMozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 6_0 like Mac OS X)
AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0
Mobile/10A5376e Safari/8536.25

Mobile{{DEVICE_ID}}did=device id

Mobile{{APP_NAME}}app_name=app name

Mobile{{APP_BUNDLE}}app_bundle=app bundle

Media{{VIDEO_ID}}vid=video id

Media{{ENCODED_VIDEO_TITLE}}vt=encoded video title

Media{{CONTENT_ID}}cid=content id

Media{{MEDIA_ID}}mid=media id

Media{{VIDEO_URL}}v_urlencoded video url


Other{{SUB_ID}}sid=sub id

Other{{ZONE_ID}}zid=zone id

demand tag id65432

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